Christian Crusaders
Opportunity Profile
Executive Director

Christian Crusaders is seeking an Executive Director to lead the ministry into the future. As one of the oldest broadcast ministries in America, with its first broadcast on September of 1936, Christian Crusaders has been faithful to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Our Mission
To proclaim Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world and personal Savior to all those who receive Him. We proclaim Him through radio, written media, personal visits, satellite radio and the Internet.

Our History, Our Opportunity
Begun as an outreach of Trinity Lutheran of Waterloo and later Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls, IA, Christian Crusaders has remained unbroken in its commitment to men and women who were unable to attend church due to age or infirmity. Our current listeners and many, many others of all ages and circumstances need the encouragement, grace and spiritual guidance offered by preaching and teaching based on God’s word.

As our current Executive Director retires, the Board of Directors feels a strong call to grow our listenership to the four corners of the world. Building on 83 years of successful ministry and holding fast to our commitment to elderly listeners, we believe that God is calling us to further utilize the internet to bring the Gospel to more people. After five years of experience broadcasting our message over the internet, we have received responses from more listeners as far away as Kenya, Russia and Eastern Europe.

Our principal speaker/ teacher Rev. Steve Kramer has led a fast-growing church in Minnesota. Rev. Kramer is only the fourth voice of CC and presents the Gospel in clear, compelling and engaging way.

As the costs of traditional radio broadcasting have increased and with sweeping changes in Internet technologies and innovative media outreach, it became clear to the ministry that God was giving us an expanded opportunity and call to share Jesus Christ.

The Position
The Executive Director is the leader of this ministry. Our Board is a governing board and does not enter into management activities. Organizational policy and previously agreed upon strategy, budget and program are overseen by the Board at quarterly meetings. However, the Executive Director is fully responsible for operations, management and results. The Executive Director must be a person of deep, personal faith in Jesus Christ and demonstrate this faith in every area of professional, personal, church and community life.

Key Gifts and Abilities

  • To demonstrate enthusiastic leadership and personal relationship building.
  • To encourage the Board about future directions.
  • To be planful and strategic in setting a course for the Ministry.
  • To present the vision and mission of CC with energy.
  • To draw people into the CC ministry finding a place for each person to contribute.
  • To lead growth.
  • To manage finances wisely and well.
  • To look for opportunities.
  • To engage with professional groups that could be advantageous to our ministry.

Experience and Education

  • Past not for profit management or oversight responsibility is preferred.
  • Undergraduate bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Familiarity with fundraising and development operations/programming.
  • A strong interest and capability in internet technology, innovative media.
  • A marketing interest and ability to influence others one on one and in written form.

Your Response
Thank you for giving this document your time. If you would like to contribute to the important process of our Executive Director search, you may:

1) Pray. Please join with the Board, Staff and Listeners of Christian Crusaders in asking the Lord to bring forward a candidate He has chosen for this role.

2) Refer. Please share this document with any contacts or persons in your network you believe could be a pos­sible candidate, or could refer a possible candidate. Candidates can also be confidentially suggested directly to the Search Team by sending an email to EDsearch@christiancrusaders. Please include your contact information as well.

3) Explore. If you are a leader who would like to have a confidential discussion about the role or opportunity, please contact Robert Stevenson, Search Team Assistant, at

4) Apply. If you feel a sense of call to this position and if you believe that you have the character and experience, the key abilities and specific skills that would strategically fit with us in this next season of leadership, please send your resume or CV to ChristianCrusadersEDSearch.

Please also answer these questions as a part of your submission (3-5 total pages in length is ideal):

  1. Describe your relationship with Jesus Christ and how that relationship has shaped your life, family, and ministry leadership.
  2. Please share your thoughts about the draw to our Executive Director position at this time. What is compelling to you?
  3. Describe your experience and capabilities with internet technology, broadcast and/or related media strategy and programming.
  4. Please send two brief stories of a time when you lead others successfully.
  5. Please provide at least five references with your submission that include at least one supervisor (past or current), work colleagues and a direct report to you (past or present) and your pastor.

 No references will be contacted without your permission and only when mutual interest develops in future steps of the search.

Thank you for your interest and time.