Tim Boettger

The CC Broadcast Radio Preacher
Tim is the Founder of Inspired Life Ministries and the Interim Associate Pastor at Nazareth Church in Cedar Falls, IA. He is our main preacher on The CC Broadcast. Tim and his wife, Kris, have two children and two grandchildren.

Andrew Nordstrom

Technical Director
In addition to other roles outside the organization, Andrew works for Christian Crusaders as Technical Director, handling many of the operations tasks -- including audio and video production -- for Christian Crusaders.

Terri Packard

Administrative Assistant
CC Podcasts Announcer
Terri is a life-long Cedar Falls native. She and her son enjoy riding motorcycles, spending time with friends, and playing board games. 

Matt Reisetter

Executive Director
CC Podcasts Host
In addition to his role with CC, Matt also serves as Executive Director of the Cedar Falls Bible Conference, is co-owner of Iowa's largest fireworks stores, and coaches HS boys basketball! Matt is married to Jen and they have 4 kids.


The Board of Directors for Christian Crusaders provides oversight and advice to the Executive Director. They serve as volunteers for terms of three years, and meet quarterly.

Joyce Barbatti

Vice President

Erik Blanchard


Julie Creeden


Troy Price

Dan schofield


Adrian Talbot

Paul Van Gorp